Unsung Bird Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh

It is a very big sanctuary area wise located in Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India.

As per the information from Forest department officials available in the Sanctuary there are hundreds of Black bucks in this Sanctuary to my surprise. But I could able to see only one Black buck at the very entrance of sanctuary which was running besides the road and out of actual boundary or fence of the Sanctuary. Somehow I failed to click that Black buck as I saw it for a fraction of second while I was driving.

One can find lots of birds in this plain land including some interesting birds which we can find very rarely. I visited this place in December 2015 and I found those plain lands covered with knee height golden color dry grass all over and it was good to see such plain land with grass. Also one can find a reservoir called Alaganuru balancing reservoir just besides this sanctuary and one can find lot of birds here too.

I felt this Sanctuary has very good scope to improve and attract visitors on regular basis. Introduction of eco safari in this Sanctuary may help attract visitors.